Monday, February 6, 2017

Aiou Assignment Marks Form (Parat) Free Download or Print Online

As we know Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad is the world largest Open University. It's mean they give education from home in words they are working in distance education learning. In all over the world, it is like a rule of education to complete your homework to carry good marks or to well known about whatever you are learning. In aiou most of the students who are not attending their classes because university offers the distance education learning system. But getting the education by distance learning system is not meant that you don't have to do some home work related to your study. 
For This Matter aiou introduced Assignments that have to be completed by each and every student of any level, even they are taking classes at University main campus.They all have to complete at least two - 2 assignment and at most four assignments for each and every subject. Because there is no teacher hired by aiou to study, But aiou hired tutor by it self. The instructor offered by aiou can be found on the web if you don't know "how to find aiou tutor address" then here your can Find Your Aiou Tutor Address.
Although, When a student had complete his / her assignments he have to send these all of the assignment to its tutor's hired that was hired by aiou. Students have to attach Three three assignment marks form mostly called parat include his/her assignment.
The Assignment Marks Form (parat) are being used to inform the university and students to about the marks that students had to get in his/her assignment.These total three forms are provided by Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad when they send you a book parcel. Sometimes By Mistake University forget to insert these assignment marks form or parat form into your parcel. But you don't have to be worry because university also offered you to send it to print or photocopy.You can also download these Assignments marks form from online or our website by clicking below on download button.

To Safe Students from Inconvenience, we had also inserted a button to Print assignments marks or parat form.To print Aiou assignments marks form, click on above print assignment marks form.
If you have any problem in download or printing, this parat form doesn't hesitate to comment below on this post.I also Attach an Image Below of Assignment marks Form Because Many of  Students want it in jpg formate.To download it in pdf Formate click the Download Button above of this paragraph.

Aiou Assignment Marks Form (Parat) Free Download or Print Online
Aiou Assignment Marks Form (Parat) Free Download.


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