Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Write A Successful Assignment

Read All Question Carefully.

  •  Before You Start be sure that you have read all the question in the Assignment. 
  •  After Reading Your Question paper be confident that you have fully understand all the question in the given assignment.

How To  Find Answers. 

  • This is biggest problem of almost every student whoever after reading this article,I hope you will be able to find the Answer of the almost every assignment.
  • Now First option is  take book  and  find   related topic  in start of the and find the page no of the book if you find your answer  note the page no on a paper and  look for next one.
  • If you fails to do that you must obey main keyword of your question and paste / search in google. Hope you will find every  option of your article   you  can print you answer if you got it.

How to Find Keyword From Question.

  • Here is a complete trick to find the keyword for your question. let suppose i have question like this.

What is Control panel? Discuss the most importance utilities provided by control panel?

  • so if you got a question like this   you have to search on google about control panel   you will get tons of   article small or large you can  choose it according to your level of education. 
  • Some screen shoot are as given below.
control panel



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