Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AIOU, Arabic Language, Islamic Culture

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad and the organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) will strengthen their collaborative partnership  to promote Islamic cultural (Arabic Language).
This programme was started by a senior officer of OIC Secretariat Abdula Manafi Matualo during his visit of AIOU Islamabad. He given the brief on the OIC funded project about AIOU. The project was started in collaboration with the AIOU University and oic in 1984 in light of the decision taken by OIC's Foreign Ministers Conference in 1981. He was assured that the visiting delegation will present a report to the OIC's Secretary general suggesting ways and mean to strengthen the project to achieve the goals. At this occasion , AIOU (University) Chancellor Dr Shahid Siddiuqi given a brief on the knowledge and degree of the Islamic language.He added most importance source for progress and development  is Knowledge, and its proven in the history that the nation processing knowledge became powerful and got their culture dominated. Aiou will strengthen its partnership with the Muslim countries particularly in the of research for achieving the goals.
The delegation was informed that the Arabic department of  AIOU   has launched various programmes for promoting Arabic language and Islamic culture in the non-Arabic countries . University has planned to introduce associate Degree for (Imam and Khteeb) in the discipline of Islamic Education.

The University has recently enhanced its intellectual,academic and research-oriented activities for creating and constructing knowledge. Focus has also been laid and disseminating of the research funding among the relevant quarters and the end user to take  the benefits and serve it to society. At the time Head of department thanked the delegation for its support to Aiou University.


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