Friday, October 23, 2015

Many People's Are Facing Problem In Downloading Of Assignments ! Solved By ~ Aiou Updates

Hope, you all are will be fine. As we got the text of the student that he has a problem in downloading so we look at his/her request and we get that there is no problem but for newbie. When you try to download the assignments of any type it will be ask to you to get the admin permission. So in over this post we only tell you that. How to get admin permission to download any data from Aiou Updates. First of all you have to click on download link or whatever to download click on it and then you will be asked for permission so you a gmail  to get this permission. Now login to your gmail to get the permission. When you login to your gmail click on get permission from admin then admin will receive mail, He will send you you'r required assignment in 24 hour to your gmail without any cost.
Hope you will be able to get assignment easily after reading this article.Thanks to visit Aiou Updates


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